PRO/Deal of the Week

Thanks for Sponsoring your PRO/Deal of the Week!

All of us here at ICI/PRO are excited to promote your PRO/Deal of the Week to all of our Indoor Cycling Communities!
If you found this page though Google and are thinking "what is this?" - click here for more information.
Here's what we need the week before your scheduled date:

  1. Your fully tested discount coupon code. We want to minimize abandoned shopping carts! Please place a complete test transaction to confirm that everything works properly. We only get one shot at this, so I strongly recommend that you also have a friend or co-worker complete a test purchase using the coupon code.
  2. Create a clever ~300 word description of your offer. Send it along with the pricing/discount details, product image .jpg or .png (max of 250px in either dimension) and the link URL of your sales page or shopping cart. We can also include a YouTube video… just send us the link and we will take care of finding the embed code.
  3. Email everything to 
  4. I will also complete a test purchase - which you will refund 🙂 - to confirm everything works properly.
  5. Your coupon code needs to remain active from the time you submit it to us until Midnight Saturday, Pacific time.

Let me know if you have questions.