Session Outlines

Here are the Conference Session Outlines (I'm adding them as I receive them so check back if we are missing one.)
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Instructor Playlists
Tom Scotto
Precon Sessions Friday
Heart Zones Power Training Certification - There will be handouts given at the session
BioMechanics: Your Body and the Bike
Rock Solid: Challenging Training for a Solid Fitness Base
Taking It to the next level: Exercise Physiology for IC Instructors
Saturday Sessions
Biomechanics: Dissecting the Pedal Stroke
Foundations of Exercise Physiology
Demystifying Power
Master the Music
The art and Science of Coaching Endurance
Promote Yourself, Your Class and Your Club (Round Table discussion, no handouts)
Structured Freedom (No Handout)
Explode Your Class Size (Given in class)
What do I do with all this music (canceled)
Teaching with Video
Body Alignment Exercises
The Science of being Well
Tour of Boston
Watts is all about it! (No handout)
Yoga for Cyclists (No handout)
Sunday Sessions
How to Sell Your Craft Without Actually Selling
Make a Power Play Out of Your Power Class
Step up your knowledge, Step up your game
Coaching Revisited
Muscular Endurance and Strength for cyclists
Start Your Own Studio (Round Table - no handouts)
A creative connection (Ride no handout)
Explode Your Class (Given at class)
Your Own Blog (canceled)
Improving Power
Body Alignment Exercises for Cyclists
The Fitness Entrepreneur
Riding our of your mind (Ride no handout)
The Pyrenees Challenge (Ride no handout)
Muscle Release for Cyclists