Subscribing to Audio PROfiles and PRO/Podcasts with the new Podcast App from iTunes

If you own an iDevice (iPhone or iPad) iTunes now offers a free Podcast App that makes subscribing to our ICI/PRO Member Podcasts and Audio PROfiles a snap.
Our Super Secret iTunes RSS Feed is how we deliver all of our premium content (what you are paying for) using iTunes. This Feed is only available to ICI/PRO members and includes all of the Podcast episodes missing from the Free Feed found in iTunes.
Here are easy instructions. 
If you are already subscribed to your Super Secret iTunes RSS Feed add the Podcast App and you're done. The new App will move all your Podcasts out of iTunes - you won't use iTunes for Podcasts anymore and you'll notice that iTunes on your device no longer shows any Podcast option.

Click Subscribe and you're golden!

If you are currently not subscribing to your Super Secret iTunes RSS Feed follow these steps:

  1. Add the Podcast App to your device - If you don't have the App this won't work 🙁
  2. Login to ICI/PRO using your iDevice.
  3. Click the RSS Feed link shown below.
  4. Click Subscribe when asked as shown on the right and then visit this post for more info on using your new Podcast App.