iTunes TuneUp Software Review Videos

2/2014 UPDATE: This software is no longer available.
If you use iTunes for your Indoor Cycling Class music, you'll want to see this 🙂
I just discovered TuneUp for iTunes and I'm very impressed with it. In this first video I show how you can use TuneUp to remove all the annoying duplicate song listings in iTunes. What impressed me the most is how you remain in control when it comes time to delete files.

In this second video (which should have been the first except I was focused on solving a problem for an ICI/PRO member) I show the real magic of TuneUp - replacing Track1/Track2/etc.. with the correct song title and artist. I have had hundreds of unknown tracks. It was like discovering FREE MUSIC I didn't even know I had.

Watch the magic happen at the 2:28 point in the video.
If you are frustrated by either of these issues with iTunes - TuneUp looks like a good solution for you.They offer a free trial for you to try it out.
8/17 UPDATE: I was able to secure a 20% discount if you use promo code CYCLING if you decide to invest in the full version - the code is only good until October 3rd.
I don't do many actual "reviews" but TuneUp gets 5 Stars for ending my frustrations with iTunes and finding me a bunch of music I didn't realize I had 🙂