VeloVie PRO/Purchase Program Details

VeloVie_Cycle_Instructor_Discount program

We are so excited to provide this new PRO/Purchase Program for you [wlm_firstname] ūüôā


Model ICI/PRO Instructor Price Team Price Retail Pricing 
Vitesse 300 Apex




Vitesse 300 Force




Vitesse 300 Red




Vitesse 400 Apex




Vitesse 400 Force




Vitesse 400 Red




Veloce 100 Apex




Veloce 100 Force




Veloce 100 Red




300 frameset




400 frameset




100 frameset




Click over to to learn more about each model and available options.
This is completely new and we're anticipating you will have questions - so contact us.
I'm a Monthly or Trial Platinum ICI/PRO Member, do I qualify? Access to this PRO/Purchase Program is limited to current Platinum members and Monthly members who have been with us for over a year.
Click here to upgrade to a Platinum annual subscription.
We sent an email on 3/9/2013 to everyone who currently qualifies.  
I've never heard of VeloVie, where can I learn more from an independent source? You could start with this recent review from They ran a similar program with Life Time Fitness a few years ago and I've been kicking myself for not taking advantage of it ever since.  VeloVie is the sister company of State Bicycle.
How do I know this is really a good deal? I suggest spending some time getting educated. Talk to your friends, visit a few local bike shops, etc... My experience gave me sticker shock. Based on the pricing I saw I feel comfortable saying that you should be able to purchase a bicycle at HALF the cost you'll find locally. Said another way, you'll be able to afford TWICE the bicycle you thought you could ūüôā
Along the way you'll get an understanding for what appeals to you, along with learning what size bicycle will fit you.
Do we get a discount on upgrades they offer? No. The component upgrade pricing is already heavily discounted. I ordered my new Vitesse 300 with Carbon Reynolds Attack wheels - I'm still trying to satisfactorily explain this NEED to Amy. The upgrade price was $699.00. Competitive Cyclist discounts this $1,450 wheel set and sells them online @ $1,234.46.
I'm a women, don't I need a "women's specific" bicycle? Not necessarily. VeloVie's frame geometry is designed to fit a broad range of female cyclists. Call 1-877-Velo-Vie and go to EXT 4 to discuss your specific sizing needs.
I'm not comfortable ordering something I haven't tried first. VeloVie offers a 12 day return policy. If you're serious about riding an awesome bike this summer, pick the bike you'd like and call them to place your order. There is no risk if you're not satisfied.
OK John, how much money will you make on my purchase? The short answer is ZERO. Every penny in available discount goes to our ICI/PRO members. Same with the 5% referral fee you can earn helping your participants save with the Team Program.
As we learn more of your questions we'll be adding to this.