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So this weeks post is going to be more of an “update” to last weeks. Hopefully you read my story last week about searching for things to introduce into my daily routine, as well as REMOVE stuff from the Daily routine so that I can lift my energy and vibration in this world =) So I have a one week progress report and a quick analogy I came up with for “What Meditation is for me.”

So first of all, the hardest past has been to remember to take all of those damn supplements every morning. Fish oils, Herbs, Drops, etc etc etc. Ugh. I wonder if this is truly as much a pain as I am making it out to be, OR if we (society) is just SOOOOO conditioned to strip out the processes of every day things into one FAST and Quick step. Could I be annoyed by having to pick through 4 bottles and 2 droppers every day to take my supplements because a part of me is saying in the background “Go get a one time monthly shot” or “Find a pill that has everything in one.” Who knows, but I”™d be lying if I didn”™t say that I dread every morning having to go and take all that stuff haha  Maybe I”™m just lazy haha

But I have done a decent  job at staying away from YouTube and negative documentaries on the economy and our corrupt government =)

Still very much into wearing the Crystals and have started to place others around the house. No way of telling if that is helping BUT if you are interested in hearing something a little “supernatural” that happened than direct message me and I will share something pretty mind blowing =)

By far though what has been the most fun and interesting has been the Meditation !! As I said in my post last week, mediation has always been hard for me because I can”™t shut down my brain. So I made a dark room under my basement stairs and have been listening to “3D Guided Meditation” recordings and it is blowing me away !! Can”™t say I have had any changes yet in my overall mood/vibration but I am definitely not only learning how to meditate BUT am also finding out that I don”™t have to “Shut my brain” to meditate, I only need to focus the chatter to more specific thing(s). Let me try to explain with my analogy of how I have started to look at meditation. Maybe there are people like me reading this who never really fully understood meditations process and maybe this will help. Maybe I am way off base with what it is, but this is what has helped me so there must be some truth to it =)

So here is how I kind of see my day/life in “Analogy” format haha I imagine that I am in this VERY large conference room with lets say 100 people all looking at me and talking to me about 100 different topics. Can you imagine just how confusing and stressful that would be ? I feel like the number has grown over the years too lol  But we (society) all do out best to listen, answer, and record as much of that barrage of information throw at us all day right !! No wonder we are so stressed we have forgotten how to relax.

So when someone mentioned mediation to me years ago, I was like “there”™s no way” that I could do it. My mind was thinking about the 100 people in the conference room all trying to tell me 100 different stories, and NOW I am expected to go sit in a corner and ignore those 100 people and try to shut off my brain ??!!  Impossible haha.

Now let”™s imagine that towards the end of the day, or first thing in the morning, or even mid day, all of those people start to funnel out of the room to give you some peace and quite. Would it be a bit easier to meditate ?? You bet your ripped sexy ass it would be (all spinners have tight asses right?? LOL)

So that was my first step/process that I implemented. I made sure to find the best time for me to meditate. Rather than try and squeeze it in any ole place, I chose to do it at night before bed and after the kids are asleep. This is the best time for me, but for you it could be totally different. The point is though to fit it in where it works best and don”™t try to FORCE it when you know you can”™t empty the conference room lol I mean LITERALLY Imagine your thoughts are a conference room and if that chatter is too loud, then choose a better time.

So I found the second step by mistake. I did a great job at finding the best time to do this (Late at night) and I have total darkness from the Black Room under the stairs (creeeeepy lol). And as you recall, I even put Lilac sent in that room to remind me of my childhood because of the big lilac bush at our hour that bloomed each summer. Anyway, what happened was I did such a great job at “Clearing the conference room” that I found myself in this empty “Conference Room” with nothing to say and no one to talk to =( I was lost haha  So, metaphorically speaking” I invited one person back in, and I had a conversation. Let me leave it at that because I could go on for pages and pages about what worked for me, but that has no baring on what may help you. Bottom line is, if you”™re like me than try some of these ideas when you get to that point of focus and clarity, invite in one of those thoughts (people) and have a conversation. If it”™s health, talk health. Repeat words that give you power ! Flash images in your mind of the people you love, or the faces of your kids.  What ever the topic is for that mediation, go ahead and create an image of a person and just have a conversation !! It”™s amazing what it can do. Basically it”™s free therapy haha

I”™m going to keep my post short this week because 1. I have family in town till tomorrow and 2. I am just beginning my spiritual journey and I don”™t have proven results just yet. So rather than steer someone wrong, I think it best if I just throw out little bits and let you start experimenting on your own.

As far as tying this all into spinning, I can pretty much sum it up like this. The Spin room is the “Conference Room” in my Analogy and even though the people in our Spin room aren”™t (supposed) to be verbally talking to you, they ARE talking to you. The majority of our communication is said to be non verbal, so be sure you are reading the signs ! Look for someone struggling and figure out why ! Find someone juiced and happy about life EVERY TIME YOU SEE THEM and ask why so that you can (if you haven”™t already) be as happy or happier !!! Look for someone riding in an awkward position and make sure they aren”™t fighting thru an injury they aren”™t aware of. If my definition of Meditation is even close to right, and so far it”™s working for me so it must be on the right track, than our classes are a great place to meditate. A Great way to exchange energy, power, ideas, Vibration !! A great place to practice finding our focus, and creating better ways of pulling our heads out of Facebook and all other Social Media so that we can connect with the people around us. Because you don”™t have to like everyone in this life, but I have always believed that every person has at least one important thing to share with you from their Journey that can help you with yours.

Peace !!

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