Free Class Music from ICI/PROYou know you are an Indoor Cycling Instructor when you hear a song and your first thoughts are; "hey this would be great to do ----- to".

But how often do we allow the first initial impression to put blinders on our perception of what a song can be used for? I believe that, yes some songs are good for a specific purpose in a class, but there are times when we need to reevaluate a track. I'll bet you'd be surprised with the versatility of some tracks in your library.

Metamixs' track Charlotte is a case in point. Clocking in at just under 5 minutes and a nice slow 88 bpm. Upon first hearing it my thoughts went towards using it as a cool down track, but it works just as well for those times when you are doing a long 10 minute warm-up, playing it in the first 5 minutes to settle the class down.

And yes it can even work on a long steady climb out of the saddle, especially when you want your riders to relax and settle into the calm breathing and slow cadence, before letting them charge to the top with a track with a dose of attitude.

Too often when we hear a song our minds automatically click to; this is a -----.

So the next time you are sorting through your music library, give your songs another listen with an open mind. See if they call you to use them for something a little different.

Artist - Metamix

Track - Charlotte

Length: 4:56

BPM: 88

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