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At a 120 bpm this is one of those 5 min tracks that you can toss into a profile when you get stuck as it fits a variety of applications.
Will you use Off My Mind by Rogue Vogue for a recovery, climbing or flat?
If I'm using this in a climb this is one of those tracks where I like to let my riders go with what feels right for them, those who love being in the saddle can hook onto the beat and pound out the perfect cadence. While those who just love to dance on the pedals will feel right at home getting a booty break. And I love it's easy rhythm that makes Jump junkies happy as well
Now if I'm using it for a flat road I'm tempted to use it for some speed work having the riders do short little surges 15-30 second surges with a corresponding break at a slightly reduced cadence or maybe just doing a couple 60 second pushes it all depends on what sort of energy vibe I'm getting from folks.
For you MixMeister addicts out there it's steady beat makes coming up with your own custom mixes a cinch.

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Moon Boots — Off My Mind - Rogue Vogue Mix

Looking for a new sound? One of my professionally mixed class playlists maybe just what you need.

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