Free Class Music from ICI/PRO

As an Indoor Cycling Instructor one of the biggest challenges to me is satisfying so many diverse music needs in class and as well know you can't please all the riders all of the time. That's why for me mash-ups are a must to give my riders something they know mixed in a way that is new, entertaining and motivating, especially when you take something from the past and mix it up with the rhythm and energy of today.

In this case six different INXS tracks (I can still remember the first time I saw them play opening up for Men At Work's first world tour) with Magic Fly - Two Planets, for a nice 5min 125BPM track.

It gives you lots of potential for a variety of movements on the open road, and best of all if you use Mixmeister to put your play lists together with, you can tweaked the BPM down or up; 116-118 for use on a climb or setting up some jumps or try raising it up to 128BPM for some speed work.

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