Free Class Music from ICI/PRO

Guest post from Keith Burnage from

Every now and then you come across a track out of the blue that just grabs you with it's energy and power that you makes it one you have to use in your next class, and Frank Eddie's (the new project from Lemon Jelly) Bite That is just that.

This 134bpm track clocks in just under 4 minutes but if you are versatile using MixMeister you can easily lengthen it out to 4 minutes.

This song is an aural recharge for tired legs and maybe flagging spirits of your riders on a long climbs as you use the energy and drive of the track to get them to kick the hills behind to show it who is the boss.

I love how this track first starts of building up just like calling down to the legs to keep it going and maybe even pick the pace up or get the class to take it out of the saddle as we all charge for the top.

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