Free Class Music from ICI/PRO

[Important Note for ICI/PRO Members: As the world is scheduled to end sometime today, this (unfortunately) will be our last Free Music Friday. John][Update - the world didn't end so you can look forward to Free Music Friday's for years to come.]
Hard to believe the holidays are almost here and so is the end of 2012 and of course who is stressed about all of that!
This is the time of year when a six minute dose of beach chill is just what your riders need in the form of 'These Dream' by Chris Malinchak perfect to warm them up after coming in from the cold, or use it as an easy flat road.
The one thing I like to do is use a songs lyrics and play with them during the ride. In this case try using the segment "I'll take my time, won't stop, until I get it right."
Ask your riders to decide what they need to perfect in their form?
Could it simply be getting their shoulders out of their ear canals and allowing themselves to relax a bit more?
Maybe smoothing out their pedal stroke, focusing on finding and keeping the perfect breath to control their heart during a recovery?
Looking for a new sound in 2013 if the Sun comes up tomorrow? One of my professionally mixed class playlists maybe just what you need.

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