Quick Start Tutorials

ICI/PRO Members get access to a Super Secret iTunes RSS feed. We use this feed to deliver all of our Audio PROfile Podcasts automatically to your iDevice; iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad.

Important! This feed only works on two (2) IP addresses (computers) It will Self-Destruct if more than 2 computers try to access it, making the feed unusable and will require sending an email to support@indoorcycleinstructor.com to fix it 🙁
iPhone and iPad users can click here for a simple method of subscribing directly to your idevice.

Here's how to setup your Super Secret iTunes RSS feed in iTunes on your computer.
Step #1 Copy the RSS Feed link shown below to your clipboard - Right Click the RSS Feed link and select Save Link Address / Copy Link
Step #2 Open iTunes. Click the File menu > Subscribe to Podcast.
Step #3 Paste the RSS link (Right Click > Paste) you copied into the Subscribe to Podcast dialog box that opens. It's a long URL that begins with: https://www.indoorcycleinstructor.com/feed/?wpmfeedkey=
Step #4 Click OK and you're done 🙂 Go to the Podcast section in iTunes.
If your already subscribed to our free Podcast you'll now see two Podcast listings for the Indoor Cycle Instructor Podcast. The titles of ICI/PRO member Podcasts always begin with ICI/PRO Podcast vs. ICI Podcast for the free Podcast episodes.
Still have questions? You can contact us here.