ICI/PRO + VeloVie Bicycle Partnership

VeloVie_Cycle_Instructor_Discount program

With spring not far around the corner, I have been on the hunt for a new road bike as of late. The main challenge, for me at least, has been finding something with all the bells and whistles that doesn”™t send me on an emotional roller coaster when I swipe my credit card. To make a long story short, ICI/PRO”™s partnership with VeloVie Bicycle couldn”™t have come at a better time.

VeloVie Bicycle is now offering ICI/PRO Instructors “below-wholesale prices” on complete road and tri bikes through our PRO/Purchase Program.
VeloVie”™s philosophy is that high-performance Instructors deserve high-performance rides. The best part? They want to help you acquire a top-notch bike at an affordable price. So affordable, in fact, that VeloVie might end up paying for your new bike.
I”™ll explain how:

  1. Design your bicycle at www.velovie.com. You pick the frame model & color, group set, wheels, cockpit trim, and all the sizes/dimensions. Don”™t sweat it if you aren”™t sure what to choose — we”™re here to help.
  2. Call 1-877-Velo-Vie and go to EXT 4 where a small team of “in-the-knows” at VeloVie will set up the sale of your bike and address any questions.
  3. The bike will ship free to the lower 48 states via UPS, right to your home or office. Affordable shipping options everywhere else on the planet.
  4. Ride and train using your new high-performance VeloVie carbon fiber rocket ship.

Wait, can my students benefit somehow?  YES.

  1. ICI/PRO Instructors who take advantage of this deal can offer their participants a VeloVie bicycle at “Team Pricing”, a slightly more realistic but still heavily discounted price.
  2. BEST PART: Every student that purchases a VeloVie on your team results in a 5% commission back to you.  Seriously.  A check.  If your entire team became VeloVie customers, and 5% came back to you, that could eventually reimburse you for the entire bike you bought.

Sounds good, right?  So what does “below-wholesale” and “Team Pricing” look like?
ICI/PRO members click here to see our special pricing. Future members can contact us for pricing. 
Our agreement with VeloVie doesn't allow showing the special pricing to the pubic - it's substantially below what you'll see at your local bike shop. Most retail pricing carries a big markup = that $6,000.00 bike you're drooling over has a wholesale (what the dealer pays) price that you could actually afford.
Upgrade to Platinum or begin a new ICI/PRO subscription so you can order your new bike.
If you”™d like to learn more about the frames, the carbon, and the partners they work with (SRAM, Reynolds, FSA, Rotor, etc.), visit the VeloVie website at www.velovie.com.  These bikes are light, stiff, and priced lower than what most of us would consider “reasonable.” The VeloVie team uses only the highest quality components and every single bike is produced by a BBI-certified mechanic.
Completely risk free. In the off event that you receive your bike and aren”™t satisfied, you can return it for FREE inside of 2 weeks, no questions asked and not a dollar out of your pocket.
I”™ve already ordered mine 🙂 It won”™t be long and I”™ll be cruising along on my very own VeloVie — a Black and Green Vitesse 300. Not to worry; I paid for it out of pocket — with Amy”™s approval, even. This may seem like one of those deals that is “too good to be true,” but it”™s true, folks. UPDATE: My new Instructor bike is here and it looks awesome.
We at ICI/PRO are thrilled to be partnering with VeloVie to offer you an opportunity to save some serious money on the bicycle that will reflect your status as a leader — both inside the studio and out on the road. Enjoy!
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