Welcome Schwinn® Indoor Cycling Instructor

Welcome and congratulations [firstname]!
You've taken a big step toward improving your classes by completing your Schwinn® Indoor Cycling Instructor education. ICI/PRO and the awesome people at Schwinn Fitness enjoy a strong relationship. Julz Arney, Jay Blahnik and I are fully committed to your future success as an Instructor and we are all excited to offer you this complimentary 30 day Schwinn-Instructor subscription to ICI/PRO.
Did you miss the memo? New Schwinn Instructors are eligible for a 30 day FREE subscription to ICI/PRO - get yours here.
We've included access to all of our informative and educational Master Instructor articles, PRO Podcasts and coveted Audio PROfiles - over 45 complete class descriptions that include an audio presentation by the Master Trainer or Instructor of exactly how to teach the class, a printable copy of the profile & suggested playlist + a One Click Spotify playlist.
To help you navigate your way through ICI/PRO I've created this short video to show you around. Please take a few moments to watch it.

The next step is setting up your new Super Secret ICI/PRO Podcast feed in iTunes. Once you have this done all of our audio profiles will be available in iTunes. Watch this video to learn how...
iPhone and iPad users click here for a much simpler method of subscribing.

If you ever have any questions, comments or concerns about your ICI/PRO membership please let me know.
If its a real emergency (or you are frustrated about something) you can call John's cell phone 612-868-0064
We have a dashboard page where you can begin - CLICK HERE