The only attribute better to possess than that of being an encourager, is being an honest one.  Honestly, it”™s true!

I like to think that most people are honest, but sorry to say, that is simply not the case.  Although I still like to believe it. J

In a world full of silicone, pleather, faux, knock-off this and a nip and tuck off that…it”™s no wonder that the act of simply being real is considered rare and therefore, valuable.  People are hungry for the truth; whether they like to admit it or not. Of course, they won”™t admit it, because most people are afraid.  That is why they are dishonest.  And usually it”™s with him or herself more than anyone else.  So this is going to be the focus of what I share with you today. But before I do, is it acceptable for me to be completely honest with you about this issue? Is a little tough love O.K.?  Can you handle the truth?

If you desire to be the Instructor (Inspirer), as well as PERSON, that your students (and others) cannot wait to see again, then you must look at yourself openly and honestly.  I like to think of this as our time (noticed I said, “our”…because we all need this) to be naked and unashamed!

Years ago I started writing a 12-Step Program for healthy people to keep them that way.  After unknowingly attending a Narcotic”™s Anonymous meeting, I discovered this remarkable thing called “12 Steps”.  I was absolutely inspired and on a mission to discover a 12-Step Program that I could also be a part of. Since I was told that I would need to have a drug or alcohol addiction, or have a family member who did, in order to attend N.A. or A.A. meetings regularly.

I searched, but didn”™t find anything available.  So I began a journey to discover what the 12 steps would look like for someone who desired to “make healthy their habit”.  Let”™s face it; 12-Step Programs are designed to keep people from falling off the wagon.  So what”™s available to a healthy individual who gets stressed out, busy, etc. and they find themselves eating horribly and not exercising…”falling off the wagon” of great health?

The good news is, I now KNOW the 12-Steps to do just that.  And these steps are tried and true; because they have taken me through some of the deepest valleys of my life, while staying “on the wagon” of great health and WELLTH.  I share these steps in my book, Dr. Shannon Knows…The 12 Steps for Wellthy People.  Quite simply, it”™s how to make healthy your habit.

Through many of my own experiences (some intensely painful) I realized that the first step in being our best is facing our fears.  I call it, “Exposing Yourself”.  It”™s when you truly ask yourself, “What am I afraid of?” and you answer with honesty and courage.  From there the process of wonderment takes over as you dare to wonder, “What if?”  However, it”™s the kind of “What if?” moment that leads you to being your best.  Not worrying…just like all the rest.

Imagine what you and your life would be like if you were the best in the world? Perhaps it”™s being an Olympic gold medalist, national titleholder or the best instructor, associate, employee or boss.  Or maybe, just maybe, it”™s being the best YOU that you can be.  This is the revelation I had one day as I was imagining what it would be like to be the best in the world at something.  I thought, “Hey, how about being the World”™s Best ME!”  What would that look like?

So what”™s standing in your way?  Who is standing in your way?  What are you afraid of?  When was the last time you looked in the mirror and gave honest (and loving) feedback to the person standing in front of you?  Or do you see things as you would in a funhouse (usually not so fun) mirror?  Are you seeing distortion, blown out of proportion, too fat, too thin, and certainly not a true reflection of the person you really are?

Are you ready (and willing) to see the truth?

Now we are really starting to get to the “not so easy to talk about” stuff. But remember in the beginning when I asked if it was O.K.?  I thought I heard everyone say, “YES”!  So here it goes…

Are you honest?  Come on, this is not the time to candy-coat anything.  Perhaps you have been candy-coating so many things in your life that you are gaining weight.  Sometimes people (you or your students) gain weight not because of what they (or you) are eating, but what”™s eating them (or you)!

Seriously, this is a huge issue and no cycling class is going to change this unless you lead from a place of loving honesty.  Both with your students and your self!

People seem to lie about everything!  From their weight, to their excuses, to their reasons for this or that, or simply why they are where they are.  It”™s always everyone else”™s fault or is it?

One of my past coaches used to say, “Excuses are like toilets.  We all have them and they all stink!”  Years ago I realized that if my failures are someone else”™s fault, then my successes will be too.  In that moment I realized that no one besides me would be responsible for my successes or my failures.  When we own our mistakes, we can own our successes.

Are you honest with yourself about you, your life, your passions, and your desires? Do you honor your commitments with others, as well as yourself?  Do you keep your word?  Do you show up when you say you”™re going to show up?  Or do you make excuses for your lack of integrity?  Are you lovingly honest with your students? Are you worthy of their trust? Are you worthy of YOUR trust?

Remember that a trustworthy messenger brings healing.  That”™s right, and whether you”™re a doctor or an instructor, we are all teachers.  Those who come to us are seeking something.  You can be the one who delivers it to them, even if you never say a word!  They will feel (and heal) better just by being in your presence.  Honesty and integrity have an unforgettable presence, because they are qualities that are highly productive and attractive.

As I said before, people (you and your students) are hungry for the truth. Make sure that you honor your words to yourself and your students, think the best and speak the truth.

Live what you believe and reflect the truth that is within you!  If you don”™t like what you are seeing, then it”™s time to take a deep look at your “truths”.  What do you believe?  How is it working for you? (These are two of the most profound questions you can ask yourself.)  YOU CAN DO IT!   And remember to be kind and encouraging when you do.

Honest self-awareness and authenticity are the keys to your success (health, happiness, WELLTH) in every area of your life.  And they will be the core of what makes (and keeps) you the Instructor (Inspirer) that your students (and you) can”™t wait to see again!

Honestly yours,

Dr. Shannon

chiropractor | coach | speaker | author

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Originally posted 2012-04-15 06:00:52.

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