Belief vs Conviction

This week”™s post may result in the loss of some reader because I am going to be throwing the “F” Bomb around!! Not in a negative way, in a GOOD way. Yep, there”™s such a thing. Lol

This week in one of my classes I happen to be hitting on all cylinders, in the zone, “one” with my class haha. If I haven”™t mentioned already, my teaching style is all improve, meaning I don”™t prepare any play lists or even what I want to say. I just get up there, make a few announcements, and speak whatever comes to mind. Usually it”™s clean and motivational, but every so often I will slip into a thought that requires me a little emphasis lol. Because I don”™t tape every class, and didn”™t have this prepared when I said it, I am not going to spend a lot of time on it because frankly it was a “you had to be there” kind of moment. You know when you do or say something and the kinetic energy in the room spikes enough that the hair on the back of your neck stand straight up !?  Yep, it was THAT kind of “moment.”

The jist of it was this. We were four songs into a leg burning hill climb, sweating like crazy, breathing harder than I have in WEEEEEEEEEEEKKKSS and a semi full class that was in total alignment with me. I was in a moment of feeling such gratitude for so many things in my life; my health, my career, my business, my gym, and most of all my kids. I heard half the class grunting and grinding right along with me and thought how amazing it was that these people were following me. I started to say something along the lines of “You need to do more than “believe” you can finish this hill, you need the conviction. Not the kind of conviction it takes to bake a cake, but the type it takes to do something you love. Something where you have so much passion and focus, that no matter what you are always in the zone.” And then I reminded them, as I always do, that my greatest joy in life is being a father to my Daughter Taylor and my son Brady. And then I shared with them the other joy I have in being able to teach that class every week at the same time for almost 19 years. And somehow I tied it all in and built it up until the end where I explained that those two things in my life right now I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I have conviction for. The fact that I loved that class and the moment we were sharing and were totally committed to it, and then how the same applied to my kids. But let”™s just say I didn”™t say it quite like that haha. I said something more along of the lines of “If you want this hill than you need to do more than believe, you need to have the conviction that you won”™t stop till the song ends. The kind of conviction you have in something or someone important to you. YOU all know where in my life I have this conviction (being a father) and that it comes easy because I love it, no I FUCKING LOVE IT.” Lol Half the class laughed, half the class gasped lol In that mix I think a couple got a charge from it lol  And I am sure I have a comment card in my folder for me by now, but it was worth it.

There was another time in my life where I found the need to actually use the “F” bomb to make a positive point. It was my ex-girlfriend from about 10 years ago. That honeymoon phase where you first start saying “I love you.” We were at my house and she started to say it and I stopped her and said “WAIT.” I ran down to my car and grabbed a card that I bought 2 weeks earlier where I wrote in there that I Loved Her but didn”™t want to scare her away so put it in that sealed envelope so I could show her I felt it when I did (earlier then when she said it lol). Anyway, within a week the feeling got so intense that just saying “I love you” wasn”™t enough and so “I FUCKING Love you came out a few times and we laughed about it and both agreed that sometimes you gotta throw your hip into it and drop the “F” Bomb. Haha

So after class while driving home I started to think about what I said. I started to feel pride in the “Conviction” I have at being a spin instructor who wasn”™t just teaching but was right there working as hard as anyone. I started to feel even MORE Pride for my “Conviction” of being a father. Both of these things I “Believed” I could do and could do well, but now with Conviction I can say I am doing my absolute best !!! Then like a punch in the gut I ran out of things in my life I could say I felt the same level of conviction for. I “Believe” in a lot of shit (cuss word for emphasis to go with the theme of the story) but I need more things in my life that I have a strong level of conviction. So many great opportunities in front of me that I am batting around like a kitten hitting cotton balls. So many things in my life just on the edge of moving into the next level, but for whatever reason I am not grabbing them by the neck and making them a priority, something I love. My business is good, but could be great. My home is good, but I could appreciate and enjoy it more than I do, instead of constantly making lists of projects that need to be done so the house can THEN be good enough to sit down and watch a movie on the couch. Amazing people in my life that I make “just enough time for” because of all the excuses I make about how being a single dad and small business owners means I get a pass for being a true friend to someone. And don”™t get me started on dating. My “belief” is that no women wants to date a man who has two toddlers because that means 18 plus hears of work, so I might as well settle into being a monk until Brady moves out to play Pro Football (He”™s almost three but if you saw him you would understand lol).  I”™m going to stop letting myself settle for a bucket full of Belief”™s and half started “convictions” and begin to place them in order of importance. Who knows how much time I or WE have left on this earth?  I don”™t want to be gone and have people say “He believed he was a great dad” I want them to say “He was a Great FUCKING dad and he had such passion and conviction for it. And I am confident that if I can put that same effort, passion, and love into a handful of other things in my life, than there”™s a life out there that is bigger and better than I have ever imagined. And what makes this so exciting is that I believe this is possible for everyone and maybe, just maybe I can help a few others along the way. We (all you instructors) have an open door into classes full of people”™s minds. We get to inject a thought or feeling into them at just the right time. Using endorphins and music, we can “ANCHOR” a feeling into their brains. What a gift we have, and so it”™s up to us as instructors to use this power wisely. And when you do, don”™t be afraid to throw out the occasional “F” Bomb because the only thing better than a great life is a FUCKING Great Life !!!

Peace !!


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