gym bag
What if you could get inside the minds of your students? Wouldn't it be nice to receive a little feedback now and again?

Imagine that you are unpacking your gym bag after class. There is a note sitting on top. It says…

Dear Instructor,

Thank you. I appreciate what you did in class yesterday when those two women would not stop chatting. You tried your best. Please don't feel badly that they left. Those of us who stayed weren't sorry at all. I personally think you gave them more than enough chances to get with the program (maybe even too many). They either didn't realize or didn't care that all of your calls for quiet were directed at them. Short of getting off the bike and going right up to them, I'm not sure how you could have been clearer. I mean really. Four separate requests, each one a little more direct than the previous? They were just rude. Maybe you should have started with the comment that finally got them to leave. I believe you said something like, "This is not the place for conversation. If you must talk to each other, please do it outside the room." That was great. You should use that first next time so we don't have to endure the pain of watching them disrespect you while we have to listen to their yammering. I know that it threw off your composure when they actually walked out, but please don't feel bad!! We don't.

See you next week!

Happy Helen

Having riders who do not respect the need for conversations to end when class begins is a frustration nearly all of us have faced at one point or another. There are numbers of creative ways that we as instructors can get the quiet we want from our students. There are also tactics that will cause more damage than good. What have your experiences been with talkers and how have you handled them? Did it always turn out well?

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