Free Class Music from ICI/PRO
Artist: Rogue Vogue

Track: Off My Mind (Rogue Vogue Remix)

Length: 4:52

BPM: 120

November the time of year when our classes start to fill to bursting as all of those outdoor riders make the forced transition inside, and the time of year when those rainy grey cold November skies can have an adverse effect on all of our energy levels.

As Instructors it's our job to to make sure that not only do we keep our riders in a positive frame of mind but we too have the energy and positive attitude to help fuel our riders minds and bodies.

And nothing does that better than some upbeat energetic music that just makes it impossible not to want to dance on those pedals!

Rogue Vogues - Off My Mind serves up 5 minutes of 120bpm music for you to keep those November blahs outside the studio doors, as you help your riders work up a good sweat and use it's positive energy to help yourself and your riders stay up through out the class.

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