Free Spinning Class Music from ICI/PRO

When you need to conjure up a perfect finish line song, not all students crave the driving force of The White Stripes' Seven Nation Army.  In fact, many are begging for an uplifting, inspiring arrangement to push their pace while stirring emotion and empowerment.  These two FRIDAY FAVORITES are soaring with optimism, and your students will cross the finish line with euphoria.  Both can be found on iTunes

Wonderful by Gary Go (Disney Oceans soundtrack)


If you Believe by Blues Saraceno (Indie Pop album)

John adds: This got me thinking about my favorite uplifting songs. Long forgotten, but hearing Climbing from Lionel Richey again still brings a little shiver as it gets to the finish.

Keeping with inspirational climbing songs, here is your free track for today!

06 Keep Climbing by k1k1chan


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