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By Barbara Hoots

Indoor Cycling Class at https://indoorcycleinstructor.comIt”™s 5:30 a.m. and you can hear the sound of a low but persistent hum in the Spinning room.  Listen carefully, and in between the grinding of flywheels you can hear the whispers, “Is she late…… again?”

Time management is the foundation for building the hottest class in the gym and is essential for creating student loyalty.  In today”™s rushed society, time is an important commodity that silently reflects your own attitude toward class.  Imagine you were invited to a dinner party and the hostess was running late or forgot to prepare the entrée. Would you feel special, desired or respected?  Take a cue from the experts in hospitality and prepare for class with the same zeal you would extend to guests in your home. Never expect your students to walk into a silent, sterile, empty cycling room and rave about your class.

The window of time before class begins is where most growth occurs.  Arrive 30 minutes early and seize the opportunity to:

  • Test the sound system and ensure microphone battery is fresh
  • Crank up some background music to warm the crowd
  • Adjust the air temperature
  • Tidy up the room
  • Offer water to new students if they didn”™t come prepared (I always keep a case of water bottles on hand)
  • Distribute guest passes so students can bring friends (make your own if your gym doesn”™t offer a free cycling class pass).
  • Dim the lights to establish an environment free of judgment (if lighting options are available at your facility).
  • Start class on time!
Critical phase
During this critical pre-class phase, get to know your audience!  A savvy instructor will learn students”™ athletic interests, musical preferences and occupations.  Congratulate the mother of two for completing her first half marathon, throw in a remix by The Doors for your children of the 70”™s and buy a latte”™ from the guy on bike #12 who owns a coffee shop.  Don”™t expect riders to support your efforts if you don”™t support theirs.

Don”™t believe me?  Take the challenge!  For one month make a conscious effort to improve your time management skills and extend genuine kindness to your students.  Watch with delight as new conviction emerges and classes become energized.

What”™s next?  I”™ll teach you how to spice up your class with a trick from the advertising boys on Madison Avenue… me; you won”™t want to miss this one!

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