Sorry, wrong type of cycling track.

Sorry, wrong type of cycling track.

Cycling music is like none other — it has nutritional value and feeds your soul. But it takes time and effort to find extraordinary tracks, and instructors often become stagnant, relying on the same music they taught years ago.

Back by popular demand, ICI/PRO is collecting a list of your favorite tracks for 2013! While all the songs may not represent your style of teaching, I encourage you to learn the “language” of a different genre — be it the sheer intensity of an instrumental, the verbal play and urban rootedness of mainstream hip-hop, or the beautiful vocals of new Indie artists. In the words of Frank Zappa, “Your mind is like a parachute….it works best when open.”

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Below are 3 of my favorites — Enjoy!

Jaytech/Steve Smith — Stranger (Kyau and Albert Remix)
Beautiful piano just before midpoint is perfect teaching moment…buildup…add gear until legs begin to bog down then powerful standing climb for remainder of song.

Sultan & Ned Shepard featuring Sia/Usher/Martin Solveig — Walls (3LAU Vocal Edit)
Uplifting finish line track with two 30-sec intervals/sprints

I'm not sure if this is the correct version, but it's pretty good - John

ATB - Believe in Me (A&T Remix)

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