You need to ask, Is it worth the risk?

With the increase popularity of indoor cycle classes comes new participants. These club members have been eyeing your class and have been asking other members about their experiences. As much as they would like to try out your cycle class, there are a few distracting, “what if” thoughts they can”™t seem to eliminate: What if I can”™t keep up with the rest of the class? What if I get injured? What if I don”™t like indoor cycle? What if I”™m uncomfortable on the bike? What if I can”™t grasp the technique?

No matter what the “what if” thought, you can ask the individual this follow-up question: Is it worth the risk?

To achieve optimal health and fitness, it takes 100% focus and commitment to your performance. Your ‘soon-to-be”™ participant”™s desire to get results must outweigh his/her desire not to fail. In other words, during your indoor cycle class, his/her focus must be on exerting effort and not on predicting unfortunate outcomes.

To have an unwavering focus on effort and achievement, your participant has to be prepared to make the necessary sacrifices in order to progress. In an indoor cycle class, those sacrifices include: (1) spending 45-60 minutes learning that you do not enjoy this type of class, (2) spending 45-60 minutes out of your comfort zone to improve your health and fitness, and (3) feeling sore the next day.  These ‘sacrifices”™ have to be worth the risk in order to achieve his/her fitness goals.

Call to Action

As soon as a participant has a “what if” thought, ask him/her if it”™s worth the risk?  You may think this approach is a bit harsh. It”™s also very effective. First, you are prompting the individual to think differently about his/her fears. Second, as the conversation continues, you will help that individual to understand that his/her “what if” thoughts are not justified. As a result, you will help him/her counter the thought with a more effective focus: putting forth effort and experiencing something new and exciting!

Believe and Achieve,
Haley Perlus, Ph.D.

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Originally posted 2010-06-15 06:56:38.

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