The #1 fear most people have when it comes to sugar addiction is not being able to quit eating sugar. More accurately, they fear how terrible they”™ll feel when they stop eating it – and fear that will drive them back where they started.

The good news is it doesn”™t have to be that way.

It took me quite a long time to get to where I am today with my sugar addiction – off sugar and with no cravings. But let”™s be fair – I had no one back then to give me specific instructions or helpful coaching.

Instead, I was reading articles in science journals that sounded something like this: “Radio assays were performed on rat brain….”

Yes, the information was that exciting – and that remote from my personal struggles with sugar. For me, quitting sugar was about putting bits and pieces together and turning them into a formula to follow.

Now that sugar is recognized as addictive – and sugar addiction is recognized as problematic and widespread – books and guidelines on quitting are everywhere. I”™ve written both.

So how long DOES quitting sugar take?

Getting rid of cravings for good will take a while, but quitting takes much less time. The answer is less than a week – if you do it right.

I”™d love to help you do it right. Please visit and request your free Last Resort Nutrition® Cravings-Crusher Consult. Find out how great you can feel and how much energy you can have when you”™re off sugar and free of cravings!

Joan Kent

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