Today, Scott Melker announced that he coming back to the world of indoor cycling:

"Hi everyone! For those of you who don't know me, I was the music director for Flywheel Sports for 4 years, and helped to develop their music program. I have since worked with countless studios, and have now teamed up with Legitmix to offer an awesome music service tailored to you. We are presently building a catalogue of songs edited specifically for spin, available legally on the site. I'm even more excited that we are offering customization of ANY SONG you choose for only $3. You can go on the site, request any edits you want, and have the song back to you in a matter of days. We truly believe that this will revolutionize the cycling music world. Please check it out and give us feedback - we did this for you!"

I love Scott's work.  You can check out his and the other artists that are part of this incredible music site below.


Get more remixes at Legitmix


Get more Scott Melker remixes at Legitmix

Dennis Mellon

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