In the last article of this series, you learned about the importance of water. But ultimately, it doesn”™t matter how much water your students are drinking if they are not consuming adequate electrolytes.

When you consider the fact that over 75% of athletes are deficient in magnesium, - an electrolyte that is crucial for muscular contraction, the pacemaker activity of the heart, and muscle repair and recovery — it becomes pretty easy to understand why so many individuals just aren”™t able to perform to their desired capabilities during indoor cycling class, and why they just don”™t recover properly afterwards.

So what is the best way to explain electrolytes to your indoor cycling class?

In order to educate you on electrolytes, I have actually prepared a special slideshow, entitled “6 Things Water Can”™t Give You”.

You can access this slideshow, along with the crucial notes that accompany it, at the following URL:

If you”™re lucky enough to have a project in your indoor cycling room, you can even show this slideshow to your class during warm-up and cool-down! Enjoy.

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