Use Spinning Indoor Cycling classes to train for triathlon

As an indoor cycling instructor, you”™re going to find a large percentage of your students dabble in triathlon, or engage in it as a serious sport. Either way, you don”™t want to be embarrassed by using the wrong triathlon-related words or terms in your class when talking to them about triathlon (including the ever-popular pronunciation of triathlon as “triath-a-lon”).

So to help you look better and converse intelligently and confidently with your indoor cycling students who are triathletes, this is Part 1 of a five part series called “Tri-Lingo 101” that will teach you how to use the correct triathlon terms. In this article, you”™ll learn common triathlon swim terms. Without further ado, let”™s dive in!

Beach start: Starting from the beach and running into the water to begin a triathlon.

Buoy: The floating markers used on a triathlon course to indicated course layout, distance and turns.

Deck: The hard surface around the pool.

Draft: To swim directly behind or beside the swimmer in front of you, which makes it easier to swim.

Floating start: Starting from the water without the feet touching to begin a triathlon.

Freestyle: The common front stroke style swimming usually used in triathlon.

Kickboard : A floating piece of styrofoam used to for kicking drills.

Lane : A sectioned area of the pool for lap swimming. Typically, a pool is divided into 3 or more lanes.

Lane Lines : The floating markers which that separate the lanes.

Lap: From one end of the pool to the other and back.

Length: From one end of the pool to the other. A “half” lap.

Flags : Small triangular pennants hung over the pool to indicate that the end of the lane is near.

Master”™s: A swim class, group or club for adult swimmers.

Open Water: Outdoors swimming in a lake, river or ocean.

Pull Buoy : A floating piece of Styrofoam that goes between the legs so that a swimmer doesn”™t need to kick.

Transition: Transitioning from the water to the bike portion of a triathlon.

Wall : Vertical part of the pool that is typically touched between lengths.

Wetsuit legal: A triathlon in which the water is cold enough to allow a wetsuit.


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