Hi, my name is Dennis Mellon and I'm an indoor cycling instructor.  Yes, I need help!  There are so many random thoughts that race through my brain while sitting on the instructor bike,  I need a place to LET THEM OUT!  I've learned, years ago, that the microphone is not always the best place to share these musings.

I have decided to start a new post series of the the various thoughts, ideas, dreams and rants that come to mind while on the instructor bike.  Some of these posts will be incredibly positive, but some won't.  Some will be funny, some will not. Some of these thoughts will turn into longer more informative posts, some will be short and sweet or maybe sour.

If you need a safe place to share or maybe vent feel free to add to the conversation in the comments field or, if you would like, send me your thought, idea or rant in an email at dennismellon.com and I'll create a post just for you.

Ok, let's see you this goes, it's already feeling like a therapy session for me.


Originally posted 2016-01-30 10:19:32.

Dennis Mellon

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