I love group display systems.  I mean I really really really love group display systems.  Systems like Performance IQ and My Zone make classes so much more interactive and they magically make participants work so much harder AND smarter.

I teach at multiple locations in the Denver area and two of them use group display systems.  One, just recently, launched Stages IQ which is Stages Indoor Cycling's version of Performance IQ and the other has been using My Zone for about 6 months.  Stages IQ uses the power meter that is on every bike in the cycling studio.  My Zone picks up the heart rate that is transmitted from the proprietary My Zone chest strap.  When I teach a class with Stages IQ EVERYONE in the class can be part of the group display system.  When I teach a My Zone class ONLY those who have purchased the MY Zone chest strap can enjoy the group display system.

The energy felt in the studio using Stages IQ is infectious as EVERYONE is working for a common goal and can see if they are successfully achieving that goal.  The energy in the My Zone studio is not the same because, on a good day, only 25% of the participants may have the necessary MY Zone chest strap to see their heart rate on the group display system.

I have been working in the fitness industry for 25 years and heart rate based group exercise classes have NEVER been successful because the only way to ensure everyone's compliance is to "loan out" heart rate monitors and this becomes a very time consuming and expensive proposition, this also goes without saying that there are far better ways to determine intensity like power and pace.

If you are looking into a group display system and you want 100% compliance with the system you need to provide members with EVERYTHING to use the system.  If they are required to purchase their own hardware or do more than simply sign up for the class they will not do it and your investment will have been wasted.



Originally posted 2016-01-31 07:54:47.

Dennis Mellon

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