I was teaching a class early this morning in a studio that's about 35 by 20 feet, has eight ceiling fans as well as two oscillating floor fans.  This morning it was not particularly hot, and I didn't feel the need to turn on both of the oscillating floor fans, that was a mistake!  I did turn on the eight ceiling fans and one of the oscillating floor fans for a total of nine fans.  About 10 minutes into class I hear a shout from a rider who is about 30 feet away from the ONE fan that's not spinning asking to turn it on.  As usual, this outburst came in the middle of my detailed explanation of the upcoming set. Annoyed,  I took a deep breath, finished my set description and asked, "That fan all the way across the room?"  I admit, this wasn't the best way to handle this request.  But what I wanted to say was "THAT fan, that's 30 feet away from you and has to push air through 15 other riders for you to have any chance of feeling any additional air flow on top of the other nine fans that are already circulating air in this room.  What about the people who are riding next to that fan, what if they don't want it blowing on them and is that tiny itty bit of additional air flow worth interrupting me in the middle of my set description?"  I didn't say all that; I waited until I got everyone started in the next set and quietly made my way over to the one out of ten fans that wasn't running, asked everyone in the area if they were okay with me turning it on.  Most of these riders asked if I could adjust the fan so it wouldn't blow directly on them, so I ended up facing it in a direction where there was no way the person who requested it be turned on could feel it.

What is it with some people and fans?  It's a workout and when you workout you may get hot and sweat.  All the facilities where I work are equipped with full locker rooms and have showers.  Don't get me wrong; I believe cycling studios should be properly cooled with adequate circulation, but it's impossible to find the perfect temperature and perfect amount of circulation for everyone.  Sometimes people simply need to work through their discomfort.

What do these people do when they spend time outside and conditions aren't perfect, do they pray?

Dennis Mellon

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