What? Were you really expecting a Top 25 Indoor Cycling Songs? Maybe even a Top 50? Remember, this is ICI/PRO and we like toTop Spinning Indoor Cycling Spin Class music and songs do things BIG! To close out a spectacular year, we”™re asking you, the best Indoor Cycling Instructors in the world, to join forces and create a list of your favorite songs for 2010. But here”™s the catch. In addition to providing the title and artist, you must also describe HOW you teach that epic gem!

When our goal is reached, (one song per post) the list will be edited, organized, chilled and served to perfection. It”™s our way of saying THANK YOU for a tremendous year!

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Here are my three favorites from 2010…..now it”™s your turn!

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Doctor Werewolf Mix) www.soundcloud.com
Enjoy this powerful 7 minute remix of a classic. Establish a seated climb until 3:29. From 3:29-4:29, I tell students to prepare both their bike and mind for an all out attack just seconds ahead. At 4:29, transition to a standing climb and unleash, increasing cadence for 2 minutes. I count down last 8 beats to end the song. Search for Doctor Werewolf on Soundcloud and click the download tab.

P. Diddy with Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin) — Come with Me (Godzilla soundtrack)
Create a grinding seated climb for 3-1/2 minutes, staying in the saddle if possible or taking a few steps out for switchbacks. At 3:39, during the very quiet moments of this song, whisper to your class, “There”™s a jersey ahead of you…let”™s explode out of the saddle and wave as you make the pass.” At 4:32, increase your voice tempo/volume, and slam it out for 90 seconds.

Dylan Rhymes and Jono Fernandez featuring Seany B. — Breathe (General Midi Remix) www.amazon.com. This awesome song combines a standing climb with jumps on a hill (or another element). Create a moderate hill for about 60 seconds. From 1:22-1:43, increase resistance and tell students an ambitious climb awaits them, climbing the first half of the mountain and then jumping our way to the top. At 1:43, begin a standing climb, keeping RPM steady and adding 3 resistance changes, 1 per minute. They should really be feeling it by the third shift! At 4:55, back off a touch and hit the saddle, grab a quick drink on the gear and prepare to jump your way to the summit, building anticipation with verbal encouragement until 5:40. “Try to give me 20 jumps on a hill in two minutes, your rhythm, your gear. I”™ll see you at the top!” At 7:38 I count down the beats to end the song. (Make sure you download the 7:45 version — there is a 6:30 min. one as well.)


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