Our tandem team at the look out after the "big climb" finish

Am I alone in being conscience of my form on the bike, when teaching a class?

In any given time there maybe 20 - 40 people in front of me and a few, I'm convinced, are continuously critiquing my form. So I always want to demonstrate a nice smooth pedal stroke, head up, relaxed upper-body and a nice flat back indicative of someone with more than just a few miles on a bike. "In here you are a cyclist." I'll tell my class while I encourage them to "look" the part.

I haven't shared this with Amy, but about 5 miles into filming Epic Red Wing, a future Epic Ride Indoor Cycling DVD this past weekend it hit me; there will be thousands of cyclists, instructors and students who will be watching this video. 

That was all it took for me to stay singularly focused on my form, for most of the entire 50 mile ride.

Except for when we crashed... OK, it wasn't really a crash, we tipped over. Well actually just Amy fell off when I couldn't make a very tight turn, on a very steep hill. I got my foot down but unfortunately by the time she realized we weren't going to make it, it was too late. I'm not sure if Allen Jones caught it on film... hopefully he doesn't plan to make a "Funny Epic Rides Bloopers" DVD 🙁

Getting beyond my personal insecurities, being part of the filming was very fun. I need to thank our Tandem friends Jean and Tony for riding with us.

As he spend most of his time behind the camera, I thought it would be fun for you to meet the producer of Epic Rides, Allen Jones.

Do you have an idea for an Epic Ride location? Allen welcomes your suggestions and you can contact him at his website epicplanet.tv


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