Amazon Prime Streaming Music Review

Prime Music is a great deal for listening - but won't work for your cycling class.

I love my Amazon Prime membership and our family easily recoups the annual fees with the free two day shipping they offer. So when I saw that they are now offering a free music streaming service as part of Prime, I figured I needed to see if this service could be a replacement for Spotify - it's only available in the USA.

I downloaded the Prime Music App and was instantly underwhelmed by how clunky this was to get working. I won't go through all of the steps (there's a lot) before you see music on your iPhone. Multiple steps on the App > which reference steps on your laptop had me questioning why I was bothering - that's your role John... you work hard so hundreds of other's don't mistakenly waste their time. You do have the option to download tracks for offline use, which is good, but I couldn't figure out how to rearrange or add/remove tracks. Admittedly I didn't spend too much time with it because... 

by that point depression had set in. After finally sorting through enough to get a track on my phone and play it, I quickly found a deal breaker - NO TRACK LENGTH TIMER 🙁

Amazon Prime Streaming Music iPhone App Review


OK, so who would want to take advantage of Amazon Prime Music?

I suppose someone who is still exclusively using iTunes and/or CD's, and has an Amazon prime account, may enjoy this. Beyond that I can't think of a reason. But hey, you get what you pay for!

New, Improved and Improving*

Amazon isn't looking to do battle with Spotify or a future iTunes streaming service. They're just looking to add some additional bling to Prime so they will:

  1. Retain their millions of current Prime subscribers.
  2. Convert existing Amazon customers into Prime members.

Learn more about Amazon Prime and Prime Music here.

*Credit for this goes to Barbara Hoots. During her presentation at WSSC she focused on studios needing to be continuously providing customers; New, Improved and Improving services if they want to want to grow and get/stay profitable.  


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