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Hi ICI/PRO members.  Amy here with my first attempt at a Friday Favorite, so please go easy on me.

Believe it or not, one of my favorite ways to try new music and listen to new bands, is to go to the library (I know, right?) and surf through the CD”™s on the shelves.  Not only does it force me to grab unusual artist”™s names, but also CD titles that I would probably never take the time to peruse on the web.  Then I  listen to them in the car and download them onto my computer at my leisure .  Best of all, it”™s not $.99 a song, it”™s FREE and I can save my money for another new pair of shoes!  (Sorry guys, but it”™s the truth).

One of the bands I have grown to love from this experience is Mute Math.  I know many of you already use them because they have come up a few times on the Top 210 list Barbara is compiling, but for my virgin experience here, I am going to highlight my current favorites from this band off their self-titled CD MuteMath:

“You Are Mine”4:44:  I am listening to it as I type this and it “gets me” every time.  It is ethereal and gripping and I use it as a recovery, almost flat, road in the middle of my ride, after a hard climb.  RPM:76

“Control”4:39:  I love this song for climbing.  RPM:72.  I have my class stay in the saddle , and then get out to climb when the music surges at 2:12.   I cue to “stay relaxed, breath and drop your shoulders”, when the music quiets at 3:05 and hit it again at 3:20.

“Reset” 5:26:  I am stoked about this song!   I needed a completely instrumental song for a video I am shooting this week and this is it baby!  RPM: 90.  The absolute perfect warm up song, because we do a lot of talking in the first few minutes of our class and it is nice to not have to talk over lyrics.

Other goodies on this CD I just haven”™t used yet:

“Stallout” 7:10 RPM 88

“Noticed” 4:30 RPM 84  Energetic flat, with some room for load building

“Plan B” 4:47 RPM 64

“Break the Same” 6:00 RPM

100 Feels like a good sprint, break away to me

“Picture 19” 5:26 RPM 76 Nice easy does it climb

So, there you go.  Not bad….8 really good, not just adequate, tunes off one CD.  And you can reserve it FREE at your local library, or just download the 8 great tracks and not get any shoes.  Enjoy and remember…. go easy on me.

I prefer the path where she gets new shoes 😉 John

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