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If you are a group fitness instructor my discovery could save you some money.

My ACE cert is due for renewal this Summer and I need .6 ACE continuing ed credits, and quick. I looked at the ACEfitness.com site for some online CECs and found two courses that I thought would be interesting; Nutrition Strategies for Fitness and Performance $59.95 (.3 ACE CECs) and Flexibility Training Specialist $69.95 (.4 ACE CECs) $130.00 total.

The weather is supposed to be crappy this weekend. I figured I would hunker down and go through these two programs so I could have the privilege of sending ACE more of my money and keep teaching for two more years.

I asked John for our business credit card so we could expense my training. He looked over his readers and asked; "why would you pay for CEC's when ICG has them available for free?"

Good question. I wasn't aware that ICG had free CEC's and it turned out that they offer 12 different online courses that are approved by ACE. I found two similar courses that would get me my .6 CECs. Total cost will be ZERO.

You can find them all here http://www.ic-pro.org/en/team-icg/education

Scroll down the page and click ICG Continuing Education Credits to see each course description. There is a link to a page that shows the CEC's.

ICG Stretching .4 ACE CEC's 

ICG Nutrition .4 ACE CEC's  

Once I'm done, I think I will check out what's new at Pearl iZumi.

I did save our family $130 after all.


NOTE: I also sent this out in an email to everyone on the newsletter list. 

Originally posted 2013-04-12 13:26:00.

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