Music DJ's in Fitness Indoor Cycling Studios

Phillip Montgomery WSJ photo

Interesting articular and video interview at the Wall Street Journal about how Flywheel is using professional DJ's to craft and deliver class music.


The New DJs: Fitness Gurus

Group Fitness Classes Use Music to Compete for Clients; Zumba to 'Ice Ice Baby'

Fitness companies are increasingly getting into the music business. The move comes with the waning impact of traditional radio on the music-buying public, and the rise of boutique exercise classes, particularly yoga, Zumba and indoor cycling.

You can download 5 Fleetwood Mac Mashups at DJ Scott Melker's Facebook page.

I'm going to guess that a quick Google search for DJ's in your area could lead you to someone who would be willing to make a guest appearance in exchange for the exposure he/she would receive. Maybe a quick call or email to your local paper/News Station explaining that your studio is doing what the WSJ recently reported on - could result in something cool happening.

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