Today is Daylight Saving Time change day here in the USA. After setting your clocks back an hour it's suggested that you should test the smoke alarms in your home > replacing the batteries if not hard wired.

But what about the battery in the AED in your Club or Studio?

I was sadden by reading this over at Pedal-On and it prompted me to write this post.

We have an AED on site.  We are required to be CPR certified and CPR certifications generally now include instruction on the AED.  When, however, a member had a (sadly, fatal) heart attack in our gym last summer, however, the AED's batteries were dead.  Training to use the AED will only get you so far if they are not properly maintenanced.

Most AED's that I'm familiar with have a blinking light that indicates it's ready status > but does anyone actually check it?

This website has more information about AED maintenance.

Don't be shy in suggesting to your club owner or manager that today is a good time to confirm that your AED will be ready if needed.

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