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By Team ICG® Master Trainer Joan Kent

Lance Armstrong”™s strength and conditioning coach, Peter Park, developed a series of core strengthening exercises that he calls Foundation.  The focus is on the posterior chain of muscles, such as the glutes, hamstrings and lower back.

Peter Park describes this as “redefining the core” because the emphasis is shifted from the abs to the larger muscles in the back of the body.  Because it was developed in this way — and with a world-class cyclist in mind — it”™s no surprise that it gets indoor cycling students sitting better on their bikes.  The improvement in my students has been remarkable.  Their posture is completely different as they cycle.

I learned about this strengthening program from Jim Karanas, who had bought Peter Park”™s book but hadn”™t yet had time to go through it.  I read the book and started doing the exercises.  Some of the changes were noticeable right away.

The most fortunate part of this for me occurred in a somewhat unfortunate way.  Only weeks after beginning this program, I crashed my bike and broke my pelvis in three places.  My doctor told me not to do any type of “crunch” or abdominal exercise.  Needless to say, I wasn”™t looking forward to skipping my core training and watching my strength in that area deteriorate over the twelve weeks he said it would take to heal.

But I could do these Foundation exercises because they didn”™t stress the abs.  They kept my core strong throughout the healing — and possibly even shortened the healing time.  I was OK in just over five weeks.  I continue to do the exercises five to seven times a week and genuinely enjoy the first exercise, the Founder, in particular.

The book is called Foundation by Dr. Eric Goodman and Peter Park.  The beginner”™s routine consists of five exercises on pages 86 to 107.  The entire sequence is short and can be run through two or three times in a row.  The book also includes photos and descriptions of a moderate routine and an advanced one.  The Founder exercise itself is short enough to fit at the beginning or the end of an indoor cycling class.

Here are the videos of the Founder sequence, taught by Eric Goodman.


I hope the Founder and the other exercises in the routines are helpful for you and your students.  If you try them, please let us know how they worked for you.

Joan Kent

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