Deezer is coming to America for Indoor Cycling Instructors

Let the streaming music services battles begin!

Deezer is very close to launching here in the USA. How close? Close enough to have changed their landing page from; coming soon... to offering you an opt-in form so you'll be notified as soon as they do 🙂

You can add your email to their list here.
There's also this article about how Deezer has closed their offices in Canada, moving to their new North American digs in San Francisco.

Streaming service Deezer closes Canadian office
Music streaming service Deezer has closed its Canadian office as part of a consolidation under its new North American headquarters in San Francisco, but says it will continue to operate a full service in the country.

A Deezer spokesperson said Deezer has laid off a small Toronto team that included managing director Justin Erdman but “Canada remains a very important focus.

“While our local management activities are moving, Deezer will continue to provide music editorial expertise on Canadian artists, reviewing established and emerging home-grown talent for music fans in Canada and the rest of the world.,” the spokesperson said.

At first glance, Deezer seems to be a carbon copy of Spotify; same monthly costs, similar device apps, similar catalogs, etc... I have been told that Deezer is going to update their app to include a cross-fade. IMO cross-fade is a must have!

But wait to see what happens next with Deezer. The industry experts I've talked to say Deezer is a more progressive company (read open-minded) which could/should lead to more third party software providers and App developers choosing to work with them. Just maybe we'll finally see an Instructor focused device applications like ClassBuilder or the Schwinn Class Tamer running Deezer music.

If you have a bunch of Spotify playlists you want to convert over to Deezer you can use the free Spotify to Deezer playlist conversion tool I had made for just this occasion.


Here's an example of what I'm talking about. This iPad DJ mixing app called edjing  runs Deezer, Soundcloud and your local iTunes MP3s. I'm dying to try it... but I can't right now because the app knows I'm in the USA.


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