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Comments: Hey John I just recently moved out of the box clubs (LA Fitness for one) I was working at and started classes at a small studio. I have never done any marketing work and wondered if you could help guide me. Do you have any materials I could use for local news papers or any other suggestions for me. I would really like to get a few more people into this studio. Have you been enjoying that summer weather in Minnesota this winter?


I'll answer your second question, first Richard. I love the nice weather... but hate what it's doing to my class attendance 🙁

The answer to your first question; Heck Yes!
Over the past 4 years we've posted a bunch of practical tips and ideas an Instructor or Studio owner can use to build class attendance.
I say we because a lot of the information has come from studio owner and Indoor Cycling studio start-up business consultant Bill Pryor. Bill runs two very successful studios and has contributed a wealth of information on getting people into your studio.

Beyond word-of-mouth, a Google search is the top way people will find your studio. Bill and I have a lot of experience on this topic and produced a series of free podcasts and informative articles at Fitness Studio Marketing focused on making your studio more findable online. This link will take you to the iTunes page where you can subscribe.

We also have a resource for Indoor Cycling Studio Owners that you will find helpful. It's for members only, but free to register.

Have you tried asking other Instructors their ideas? Our community at Pedal-On has a lot of very creative people who I'm sure can offer some ideas.

I hope that helps.



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