There was a question over on a Facebook page asking about Spotify and a mysterious shuffling of the playlist - when it appears that the shuffle is turned off. Chrispins beat me to the answer, but I wanted to add some screen shots to make it easier for you to understand.

I had this exact problem and it drove me nuts until I figured it out.

If you open a playlist in Spotify there's a big "Shuffle Play" button. If you click it - it turns gray for a moment before launching the first track... but it stays white... so you think; "I'm good, the shuffle must be off... I can get on with my class... but wait... this song isn't supposed to come next... WHAT's GOING ON WITH MY PLAYLIST?"

Click on a track - then click the "i" symbol in the top, LH corner.

Which takes you to the info screen. This split screen view shows shuffle on (green) and off.

Any song will show this and you only need to change it once.

Why Spotify makes this so hard to use is anyone's guess 🙁

You can find lots more help with Spotify here.


Originally posted 2012-09-19 18:22:06.


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