It can be tricky business finding just the right song for your sprint intervals.  Today I have two songs that I've been using recently and my classes really seem to be liking them.  One is newer (from 2015) and the other is older (from 2007.)  I hope you can find a way to fit both of them into your classes some time soon!

The Power of Now by Steve Aoki, Headhunterz: Seated accelerations or sprints at :38 for 20 seconds; 1:22 for 30 seconds and again at 2:51 for 30 seconds.

The Power Of Now-Steve Aoki, Headhunterz iTunes Link

Into the Night by Santana, Chad Kroeger: Seated accelerations or sprints at 1:15 for 30 seconds and at 2:45 for 30 seconds.

Into The Night-Santana, Chad Kroeger iTunes Link

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