Happy Friday!  It's time for my 'Favorite Track(s) of the week!  In keeping with last week's theme, I've been all about Shazaming (is that even a word??) commercials. The first song I've been using a lot lately was released back in March but somehow has slipped my radar until now.  It is featured in a Coca Cola commercial and it's perfect for a seated or standing climb or jumps on a hill.

Jess Glynne — Hold My Hand

iTunes link

The second song has been on repeat in my car ALL WEEK!  I seriously can't get enough.  It's just under 110 BPM's so if you certainly could use it for a seated fast flat road.  I find that to be a bit fast so I used it as a heavy climb and we didn't climb to the beat.  Trust me-it works. 🙂  The lyrics are amazing and inspirational.  Here's a sample:

Break all the walls down
Forget all the rules now
A hero, a champion
Wears the crown of the sun
Like a dawning light

It dropped in the middle of August 2015 and it's featured in a White House Black Market commercial.

The Golden Hippie — Drums Make Me Happy

itunes link

I used both of these songs in my most recent Spotify playlist:

Drums Make Me Happy Cycling Mix

I hope you enjoy using both of these songs in your classes!  See you next week with some new inspiration!

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