New music Friday is a favorite day of mine.  I love waking up with my morning cup of coffee and Spotify (and iTunes) to see what new music I can find to use in my classes. Sometimes I walk away disappointed and other times I feel like I”™ve hit the jackpot. I can typically tell if a song is going to really work for me right away and then other times, it needs to really grow on me. Today I”™m going to share a few of my finds from last week that I hope you”™ll be able to add to your library!

I'll start you off with this one from one of my favorite bands, Imagine Dragons.  It's around 79 RPM's so it can really be used as a flat road or a hill, depending on your resistance.  It's only 3 minutes, but here's hoping for an extended version or maybe a remix in the near future.  *Fun Fact: Imagine Dragons will perform on the series of premier of new Muppet Show airing Sept 22.


Another standout from last week's new music is from  ZZ Ward's new album, Love and War.  Check out Marry Well for a steep climb and also Rescue for a flat road, but watch for an F-bomb at about 1:45.


And finally, another female artist that I'm loving lately, Gin Wigmore. (If you haven't used her Black Sheep and New Rush yet, you definitely should give them a try.) Her new album Blood To Bone has several great tracks that would work well for cycling. Check them out here:




I hope you find something in this post that you can use in your next playlist.

What new music are you listening to this week?


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