This week's favorite track (Hey Ya by Outkast) can be used as a seated flat road or a climb.  It's around 80 beats per minute, so depending on how much gear you're riding with, you can really take it either way.  I especially like songs like this to do what I call 'gear play'.  With 'gear play', we ride at the same RPM's the entire time, but we add and take off gear through the song.  This song is around 4 minutes, so I would ask my riders to find a flat road gear at 80 rpm's for 30 seconds, then add gear so they feel like they are on a hill for 40 seconds.  Repeat this sequence 4 times, keeping a smooth pedal stroke.  I'm posting two versions of the song, one radio/club mix and the other instrumental:


Hey Ya!-Radio Mix/Club Mix iTunes Link

Hey Ya! Instrumental iTunes Link

Originally posted 2016-06-03 06:18:47.

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