Happy "Favorite Track" Friday!  There are so many places where I find music for my playlists on a weekly basis.  Some weeks, I don't find much, and other weeks, I find one or two gems that really stand out.  I don't always use them right away.  Sometimes I tuck them away into a Spotify folder and take them out again when I find just the right fit.  This week's gem was found in my Spotify "Discover Weekly" playlist.  I wrote about this Spotify feature in a previous post and I continue to find great tunes this way.

When I heard this song, I knew the voice right away.  I've been using "Into The Wild" as a warm up for several years and it's one of my favorites. (You'll recognize it as soon as you hear the famous lyrics, "Somebody left the gate open, you know we got lost on the way.", which were made famous by a CITI bank commercial.)  The voice is that of Laura Pergolizzi (LP).  This song came out a few years after "Into The Wild" in 2014.  I can't wait to pull this one out of my "Hills" folder and use it in a playlist soon!  I hope you enjoy both songs:

iTunes link

iTunes link

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