With the holidays upon us, I thought it was only appropriate to dedicate  this post to a song or two that you might use over the next few weeks.  I personally don't create playlists dedicated to strictly holiday songs.  I typically sprinkle a few in here and there in the weeks leading up to Christmas, and I try to keep them pretty non-traditional.  One of my favorite go-to bands for Christmas tunes is the progressive rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Here are two of my favorites:

Christmas Eve/Sarajevo:  This one starts out slow and then picks up at about the 30 second mark.  Slowing down again at around 1:30, then really picking up around 2:20 all the way to the finish.

iTunes link

Wizards in Winter: I use this one for accelerations on a flat road.  Accelerations happen at :30 (20 seconds); 1:15 (25 seconds); and 2:10 (50 seconds: begin to accelerate and build to a sprint for the final 20 seconds).

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