Happy Christmas!  Due to the holiday I'm a bit late with the post this week, but I hope you find something here you can file away and use next Christmas season.

First of all, I couldn't be more excited about the fact the The Beatles are now streaming on nine different services including Spotify and Apple Music!  John wrote about it and shared one of his favorites yesterday.  This YouTube video may just give you a few more ideas for songs to use in your classes or just for your own personal listening:

With it being Christmas, I'd love to share a few of my favorite "cycle-worthy" songs of the season.  This is not a cycling playlist, but rather a collection of songs that I've used in the past.  It includes hills, flat roads, warm ups and cool downs.

In addition, this is a great collaborative playlist which includes over 20 hours of Christmas music added by some amazing instructors and created by Evan Reese.  Show him some love by clicking on his name on the playlist page and following him there because he has some great music for cycling.  And if you have any Christmas tunes to share that aren't already included on the list, be sure to follow and add it to the playlist!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!

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