Those of you that have been following my blog and playlists for a while know that I enjoy all different kinds of music. I might include pop, classic rock, house and classical music all in one playlist during any given class.

There is definitely a divide between music that I listen to in my leisure time and music that I love to use in my cycling classes.  For example, I am a huge Beatles fan and I love listening to the soft rock ballads of the 70's, but I don't really see a place for them in my cycling playlists.  On the other hand, I would never listen to Pitbull for pleasure, but I love using his songs in my classes. Here's a new release from Mr. 305 himself that I used this past week as a standing climb.

iTunes link

Another song I used this week is one that I pulled from my 'hills' folder from 2001.  I always love using Safri Duo in my classes.  This one is a favorite:

iTunes link

I hope you enjoy using both of these in your classes.

Do you have any favorite new releases or old favorites?

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