Sprints, speed work, accelerations, cadence building drills-whatever you call them, we all use them in our classes.  I love collecting songs that  have a natural pick up (usually on the chorus) to use for this purpose.  Today I'm sharing two of my favorites along with the timing that I use in my classes. I hope you can work them into your next cycling profile!

Both songs are by Danish metal band Volbeat.

  1. Lola Montez: I use this song for accelerations on the chorus at :25; 1:13; 2:25 and 4:00.  Each acceleration is approximately 25-30 seconds.  Recoveries get longer as the song progresses.

Volbeat — Lola Montez

iTunes link

2. A Warrior's Call:  Accelerations at :41; 1:50 ; 2:50 and 3:50, each of them 30 seconds.

Volbeat — A Warrior's Call

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