The holiday season is fast approaching and finding the perfect gift for the athlete on your list can be quite a challenge!  The sheer volume of fitness gadgets, gear, and gizmos is enough to overwhelm even the savviest of shoppers!  But fear not.  Take a deep breath and relax because I”™ve compiled a list of incredibly cool gifts for your favorite fitness enthusiast.  Got great ideas of your own?  Post ‘em here…Santa can always use a little extra help!

Your browser may not support display of this image.BIKE TUNE-UP - If the cyclist on your list is a recreational rider or isn”™t particularly skilled in bike maintenance, wrap up a gift certificate for a bike tune-up.  The price typically runs about $50.

imuffsiMUFFS - What”™s exercise without music?  Wireless workouts will be appreciated by any athlete! Wi-Gear”™s new iMuffs are sleek, wireless headphones designed to work with iPod, Bluetooth and Skype.  Check them out at

REFUELING BASKET - Put together a basket filled with everything from Clif Bars to Gu packets.  Throw in some homemade trail mix and a few pairs of new socks and you”™re golden.

Your browser may not support display of this image.RUDY PROJECT RYDON PERFORMACE SUNGLASSES - Rydon”™s come in a wide array of lenses with polarization, color, and prescription options.  They are sunglasseslightweight, anti-fog, anti-slip, and provide maximum UV protection. Find them at cycling stores or online at

PERSONAL TRAINING/GYM MEMBERSHIP - Create a winter fitness package that includes personal training sessions, massage and even tanning!  Many gyms offer a three month membership which is perfect for the off-season months.  If your athlete is already a gym member, consider buying a punch card for yoga or Pilates classes since many gyms charge extra for these.  Bundle the package in a spiffy new gym bag.

GET THEM OFF THE COUCH — If your friend or loved one doesn”™t exercise, they may actually resent a gift of fitness.  So how do you get them started on a healthy program?  Make a gift certificate that reads, “I”™ll meet you every Saturday morning for a 60 minute walk.”   Your time is the most valuable gift they will ever receive.

contactsSOCCER BALL CONTACT LENSES — Has a coach ever told you to keep your eye on the ball?  It would be impossible NOT to with these contact lenses!  The manufacturer, German optician Stephanie Berndt, produced these visual aids to celebrate the World Cup of Soccer.

Your browser may not support display of this image.PRIVATE CYCLING COACH — Hire an expert.  Even if only for a month, there”™s nothing like working out one-on-one with a professional coach to vastly improve a rider”™s ability at any level.

YOGA MAT WITH AN ATTITUDE — In the sea of ubiquitous yoga mats, inject a dash of humor in your practice with a Photo Series mat yoga matby Plank Designs, Inc.  Featured in Shape, Women”™s Health, and a gazillion other magazines, you”™ll find fun yogi gear at

Your browser may not support display of this image.PROFESSIONAL SKIN CARE — An athlete”™s skin is exposed to sun and environmental pollutants that can damage your skin.  Turn back the years with a collection of skin care products by Obagi®.  According to Joy White, skin care specialist and half marathoner at Belle Meade Dermatology in Nashville, Tennessee, Obagi® Foaming Gel Cleanser, Healthy Skin SPF35, and IS Clinical Vitamin C+E are products that flat out work.  Joy also recommends a water resistant sunscreen such as Blue Lizard Sport if you sweat.  Purchase products through your dermatologist or online skincare sites.

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEOS — Education is the gift that keeps on giving.  For the Indoor Cycling Instructor on your list, go to for some of the best teaching DVD”™s ever produced.  “Climbing Sufferage in Italy” and “Speed & Power in Italy” are both exceptional.

CARBON DIOXIDE TIRE REPAIR KIT — Priced around $10, the beauty of this gift is that everyone gets a flat tire at some point in time and this gadget will inflate a tire a flash!  No more struggling with a small frame pump to get enough pressure in a road tire.  Pick up a few spare cartridges as well; they don”™t go bad.  Kits are small enough to fit in a jersey pocket.Keep it Real yellow copy

EBOOK: Keep It Real In You Indoor Cycling Classes - If you haven't yet added this ebook to your cyber library, then you might want to put it on your own Christmas list, or buy it for your favorite co-instructor. It's one of those "must-haves" for all Indoor Cycling Instructors!

shirtICI/PRO TEE SHIRT — Hey, John!  Where”™s the ICI/PRO stuff?  We want hats, sweatshirts, tees, and even socks with this cool logo.  C”™mon, guys, let”™s inundate John”™s mailbox with requests and maybe he”™ll get the hint… away… have my permission….hehehehe…….They're coming soon Barbara. John

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